Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The World is Dark and Full of Pain

Endless sorrow and suffering. That is the gist of my life. Whenever I have a brief moment of happiness, when light shines through the infinite darkness, the clouds cover it up again, before I even have a chance to enjoy it. Such is my world.

I've had many girlfriends. But they never last. Something about my feminity and depression always seem to scare them away. But this one seemed different; she seemed special. I thought, for a brief moment, that I could be happy. Boy was I wrong.

My heart was torn out and run through a wood chipper when I saw her talking to her ex. All those feelings that I had shut out came rushing into me again. A single tear ran down my cheek, but I could not cry. This was a sadness, a hurt so deep, that crying wouldn't come. My soul, my very being was injured.

But I've met someone. Someone who may be able to help me out of this abyss. He told me about this place, called the Burnt Toast Diner. Of course I can't go there, out in Texas, but I can blog there. I'm thinking it may be a good place to vent my feelings as I get into my training and cope with my girlfriend leaving me. God, I need someone to talk to.